Posted in October 2011


When I think of the word armor, I picture a medieval knight.  Steel plates, shiny and strong, meant to protect him from the brutality of battle. My husband had been working on something.  He had me close my eyes, and open my hand.  I looked down.  In my hand, he placed a little necklace.  It was shiny and beautiful.  It was … Continue reading

Just in case.

Sometimes people have things that they hope they never have to use.  Supplies stashed away for that rainy day.  Just a little something.  Just in case. I woke up the next morning, and I felt so much better than I had the day before.  My pillow was not covered with hair.  That right there was a definite … Continue reading

Bright Side.

In life, I try to find the bright side of things.  If you are telling me something awful, I am listening and already trying to figure out what I can tell you to make you feel better.  It is annoying sometimes, I know, but I can’t help it.  If you are sad, I do not … Continue reading


There are times in life when a person just doesn’t want to believe something.  She may know the truth.  She is fully aware.  With her rational mind, she has a grasp on the situation.  Her heart, however, isn’t on board just yet.  That is called denial. I woke up on Wednesday morning to an unwanted realization.  I was … Continue reading


When people hear that a person is going through a difficult time, they often respond with offering to help.  Let me know if you need any help.  Is there anything that I can do?  Just give me a call.  Whether or not they actually mean it, people offer to help.  It is as if saying … Continue reading


Normal.  For a lot of people, the word normal is not necessarily an exciting work.  Synonymous with words like ordinary, standard, and routine, normal may as well be described as bland, monotonous, or boring. The weekend after my first chemo was filled with ups and downs, quite literally.  In one moment, I could go from … Continue reading


Two prize-fighters walk up to the ring.  One is dressed in super-hero colors (think bright blue & red).  The other dressed in sinister black.  The one wearing blue is new to this fight, but has been holding her own.  She is hopeful.  The one wearing black is very powerful.  He is known to fight dirty.  He sneers at his opponent. … Continue reading


Have you ever known that something bad was just about to happen?  You keep hoping and praying that even though the path was certain, you would somehow will it not to happen.  You try everything in your bag of tricks, but the conclusion is inevitable.  The movies always play on the drama of this type of moment.  A … Continue reading


Have you ever trained for a big challenge?   A marathon?  The type of challenge where you have to be prepared, and be diligent with your training.  The type where the more conditioning you have, the more ready you will be. I went home from my first day of chemo, armed with my list of next-steps … Continue reading


I love school.  I always have.  I loved elementary school.  Middle school.  High school.  And, I loved loved loved college.  One of my favorite things about college was the start of a new quarter.  Fresh notebooks, filled with clean pages.  New pens with bright ink, ready to put their nose to the grind.  Blank lines … Continue reading