Posted in October 2011


Drip.  Have you ever had a dripping sink?  Not a major leak.  A major leak would require immediate action.  No, the slow-drip variety.  One drip at a time.  Drip.  Drip.  Drip.  Annoying?  Maddening?  Drip.  Drip.  Drip. My first day of chemo had arrived.  Chemo can take place in a variety of locations.  Some people do … Continue reading


Weekends are for roaming.  For coffee.  For playing.  For watching two little boys play soccer.  For relaxing.  For adventuring.   I think weekdays will be for writing. I’m playing with the blog format.  As with life, it is always a work in progress.  

Let it Be.

When I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me Speaking words of wisdom Let it be. I didn’t sleep much that night.  Sleep is not usually something that gives me one bit of trouble.  I close my eyes.  I fall asleep.  And I was exhausted.  I was exhausted on every level.  … Continue reading

Good Night.

Nighttime schedules look different in every family.  Some kids hear stories.  Some kids watch a show.  Others stay up and go to bed with their parents.  Every family is different, but the one thing they have in common is that family has their own bedtime routine.  Something that helps everyone wind down.  Something that signals … Continue reading


From a young age, it is drilled into us that one has to be prepared.  Be prepared, and other scout-like mottos are shared with children, passing the wisdom of one generation on to the next.  Schools practice safety drills.  Students and teachers go through the steps they would if a real emergency were to occur.  Emergency … Continue reading

The Happiest Place on Earth

When a person says the phrase “The Happiest Place on Earth”, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  Yes, you are right.  Disneyland.  Whether you have been there to experience the magic, or whether you have dreamed of it from a far, you still know that the term applies to that special place. … Continue reading


There are some things that happen in life that are totally surreal.  They seem too impossible for real life.  This-can’t-really-be-happening-to-me moments.  Some moments need a trigger before they can officially feel real. The week had been a blur.  From the world of the unknown into the world on cancer in just a few days time.  Now that we knew … Continue reading

Roller coasters.

Since the beginning of time…okay, since the technology allowed…people have been in love with roller coasters.  An old wooden coaster would create such a thrill.  People would flock from everywhere to experience it.  Time moved on.  Technology did too.  Entire theme parks became devoted to the thrills a roller coaster could provide.  Some rides are … Continue reading


I have known my husband for more of my life than not.  Our paths crossed a million times before we were ever together.  We are from the same hometown.  We even went to the same preschool.  But, officially, we’ve been friends since high school.  We’ve been together since college — more than fourteen years now.  Dang, … Continue reading


Yesterday evening, I got my hair cut.  I took a big leap.  I got bangs.  I’ve had bangs before, but I chose to grown them out.  It took forever.  More than a year.  Lately, I’ve been feeling the itch — the itch that happens when I need a change.  The itch where I keep thinking that … Continue reading