Posted in January 2012


I learned very quickly that life didn’t just stop because I had cancer.  In some ways life had slowed down, but in other ways, life was plunging forward.  I had a one year old — a  sweet and determined little person, filled with curiosity, who was toddling around, ready to explore the world.  I knew that I … Continue reading

Some answers.

The questions were still pressing.  As nervous as I was to know what the answers might be, I still knew that I had to ask.  I had to know.  It was time to ask my doctor for more information.  My doctor was an amazing person.  Really even keel.  He didn’t get worked up (which is … Continue reading


Of all of the questions that were swirling through my brain, the one that was with me the most was the question of my fertility.  Babies.  And, now that the question had presented itself, I just could not stop thinking about it.  About them. I had always had a vision of how my family would be.  Isn’t … Continue reading


The beginning of the summer had been such a whirlwind. Everything seemed so time sensitive. There was such an urgency to get things started right away. And, in my way, I listened. I did what I was told. We got things started within a week of my diagnosis, and had not looked back. At this … Continue reading

Back to the basics.

The temperature feels like winter around here, but I am feeling a lot like spring.  It feels like it is time to wake up, and get back to regular life around here.  The last few weeks have been about getting back into our regular routines.  Regular patterns of life.  I am feeling ready to get back … Continue reading


This weekend, my husband and I decided to have a yard sale.  We have been slowly, but surely, weeding things out of our daily lives.    We went through every area of our house. Every time we found something that just no longer fit into our lives, it went into one of two areas: the left … Continue reading


The past two months have been big.  Long.  But last week, we got the best news.  My son’s injury had healed.  His injury was internal, so we had to wait for certain tests & scopes to be able to give us the word on his progress.  No matter how much better he seemed to be, we just wouldn’t know the answer … Continue reading