Posted in February 2012


When I was first diagnosed with cancer, it felt like I was the only person going through this battle. To be a mother, with a baby, going through chemo and radiation seemed like something that I had never really heard of…until I got cancer.  Then I heard about it.  More than I ever thought I … Continue reading

Distracted on Purpose.

This week, I took a little of my own advice.  Live in the moment.  The kiddos spent some time with their grandparents, and Kevin and I headed up the coast.  We bundled up and sat on the balcony of our hotel room and stared at the ocean.  No rain.  Just California winter cold.  And it was perfect.  Watched … Continue reading

The What-ifs

My dear friend Laurie wears a million hats:  wife, mother, social worker, professor, and so many more.  She can now add blogger to her list with her funny, insightful, and straight-shootin’ perspectives over on her blog The Family That Laughs Together…Stays Together (also known as thefamilythat).  I had a chance to guest post over there this week.  … Continue reading


This part is hard.  This part in the story is where things start feeling the hardest.   For me, it is the hardest part to write.  When I sit down to start writing, I just want to get up and walk away.  I’ve been procrastinating and finding all of the things I would rather do than … Continue reading


My body was feeling the strain of treatment.  Before every session, I had to go in to my doctor’s office so the staff could check my blood count.  It can be a serious problem with chemo patients.  Not only were my counts low, but my body was taking more time to recover.  The shot that I … Continue reading


“One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.” — Henry David Thoreau ******************************* Our little summer adventures had been wonderful.  They were small and low-key, but they did volumes to improve the general morale around here.  They made me feel normal.  They made me feel alive.  I wasn’t sitting in my house and … Continue reading

Just Mom.

Love. When I think of images from that time in my life, this picture is always the one that comes to mind.  It touches me more than any of them.  It isn’t just my favorite from that time period, but one of my favorite pictures ever. We were in San Diego.  It was a rather low-key trip, but for … Continue reading

Photograph Update…

I went back to yesterday’s post and added a few pictures from that trip.  When I look at how small my son was, it makes that trip feel like a million years ago.  Now, he is almost as tall as I am.  Only about six inches shy at this point.  Oh, and he is only eight … Continue reading


At the very beginning of the summer, when I was first diagnosed, I remember going for a walk with my mom.  We bumped in to one of her friends — a friend who I had known all of my life.  We talked cancer.  She told me to make sure that I took pictures during this … Continue reading