Posted in March 2012

Dominos, final.

I gathered my things together, and was getting ready to leave for my appointment at the radiation oncology office.   The phone rang.  It was a call from the office.  The receptionist on the phone explained that the doctor would not be in today.  My mouth fell open.  Quiet pause.  This last-minute?  I found my words.  I … Continue reading

Dominos, Part Two.

I spent the night racking my brain.  Now that I had come this far, I just could not go back and have another chemo.  When I got up in the morning, my mind was made up.  I would go into the new office and talk to someone —  anyone who would listen.  The doctor.   The … Continue reading

Dominos. Part one.

Click.  Click.  Click.  You are setting the dominos up, one at a time.  You are building a giant track.  Did you ever build one of those?  Remember that sound?  Click.  Click.  Click.  You have a plan and you know exactly where it should go.  You have to set them up with care to create the perfect display.  … Continue reading


Transition can be defined as the movement or change from one position, stage, subject, or state to another.  Transition can mark a time in a person’s life.  The end of one thing, and the start of something entirely different.  For me, this point in my treatment was a transition in more than one way.  I was going … Continue reading


You are the only one on the road.  You come to a four-way stop.  Crossroads.  You pause.  You aren’t sure which way you are going to go.  You are either going to keep going straight, and continue the path that you have been moving on or you are going to make a turn, head in … Continue reading