Posted in August 2012

I am Listening.

When I started writing this blog last fall, I had a few different things in mind for what I wanted to accomplish.  I hoped that it would help others who may be on their own journey with cancer, whether as a person going through cancer, as a survivor who had already been there, or for … Continue reading

Well-played, Martha.

One of my favorite mantras is live in the now.  Granted, I typically hear it run through my head in Mike Myers’ voice as Wayne in Wayne’s World, but the power of the words is still the same….  Live in the now.  (side note: that movie is unexpectedly filled with many of my very favorite … Continue reading


I have spent the last few weeks watching the Olympics.  The skill level of these events always blows me away.  The gymnasts, in particular, make the whole thing look so easy.  I watch these people on the balance beam.  They make it look so easy.  Jumps, flips, dance moves and even jazz hands — all of these … Continue reading


My apologies.  I was away on family vacation.  Ah, summer.  Such a different schedule and tone of life.  The only real plan on the books is swimming lessons for the boys, and other than that, we are just floating around, deciding what we want to do next.  I love the non-urgency of it all, however it … Continue reading