Day One

If you would like to read this blog from the beginning, the year started on October 6, 2011.  You can find October 2011 in the Archives section on the right side of this page.

This is Day One:

The Course Of A Life

There are things that a person comes across that strike a chord within them: a heartfelt conversation, lyrics from a song, a passage from a book.  There is a scene in the movie, (500) Days of Summer, that speaks to me everytime I watch it.  It stays with me long after the credits have ended, and I think of it often.  It starts with a quote:

” Most days of the year are unremarkable.  They begin and end with no lasting memories made in between.  Most days have no impact in the course of a life.  May 23rd was a Wednesday.”

But, for the main character, that day was important.  And, contrary to how the quote sounded as it started the scene, the basic idea of the scene was that life does happen every day.  Old chapters end.  New ones begin.  Every day is important, and you never know which ones are going to have an impact in the course of your own life.  The quote always stays with me, not because I think that most days are unremarkable, but because they are remarkable.  I know that life is what happens when you are living it.    I think of lessons that I have learned, and people that I met along the way.  Life doesn’t always go according to plan.  But, isn’t that what life is kind of all about?  We don’t know how this whole thing is going to go.  We don’t know who we are going to meet, or what we are going to learn.  We don’t know yet which of our plans are going to go exactly how we expected, and which ones will throw us for a loop, or which ones we haven’t even though of yet.   We know that moments make us who we are, and that each one does have an impact in the course of our lives.

This blog is my story.  A year in the life of a cancer survivor.  My life has been filled with moments I never could have planned, or even imagined, but brought me to the place I am today.  I am approaching the seven year mark of being cancer-free.  But, the thing about cancer is that it isn’t just something that happens, and then once it is gone, it is out-of-sight/out-of-mind.  It is a part of that person’s past, present, and future.  I choose to dig in and live in the sunshine.  I try to find the positive.  I aim to pay it forward.  This story is one year in the course of a life.

Post Two begins here:



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