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Bright Side.

In life, I try to find the bright side of things.  If you are telling me something awful, I am listening and already trying to figure out what I can tell you to make you feel better.  It is annoying sometimes, I know, but I can’t help it.  If you are sad, I do not … Continue reading


There are times in life when a person just doesn’t want to believe something.  She may know the truth.  She is fully aware.  With her rational mind, she has a grasp on the situation.  Her heart, however, isn’t on board just yet.  That is called denial. I woke up on Wednesday morning to an unwanted realization.  I was … Continue reading


Have you ever known that something bad was just about to happen?  You keep hoping and praying that even though the path was certain, you would somehow will it not to happen.  You try everything in your bag of tricks, but the conclusion is inevitable.  The movies always play on the drama of this type of moment.  A … Continue reading